Sell Your Silver or Platinum to the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop

Sell Your Silver and Platinum Jewelry

Sell Silver and Platinum Jewelry to the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop in Defiance, Ohio 

The Wooden Indian Pawn Shop buys silver and platinum jewelry along with scrap silver and platinum.  We offer the best prices in northwestern Ohio. If you haven't worn your silver or platinum jewelry in a long time, consider stopping by our store at 5727 N. State Route 66 just north of Defiance, Ohio and have us appraise it for you. You might leave our store with more money than you expected. We are licensed to buy sivler and platinum and we are trustworthy. We have two professionally trained jewelers in-house.

If you have questions about selling your silver or platinum, give us a call at 419-784-9880 during business hours which are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday or complete the form below. If you want some extra money, bring your silver or platinum to our store. We can weigh it right on the spot and will quote you a price based on current rates.  If you think our offer is fair, we will pay you for your items right away.

The silver and platinum buying experts at the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop are Bruce, Char, Paul and Glory, all have many years of experience. If you have a question about selling your silver or platinum, please call us at 419-784-9880 or complete the form below to contact us.


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