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Wooden Indian Pawn Shop

Short Term Loans:

We provide our customers with short term loans. Bring in your personal property to see if it can be used as collateral to secure a pawn loan. One of our expert pawn brokers will asses the value of your items and let you know if we can provide you with a loan. We offer pawn loans in the range of $5.00 to $25,000.00. Common items that we accept as collateral are gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, vehicles, tools, digital cameras, video cameras, jewelry, electronics, coins, computers, musical instruments and tools. To learn more about getting a pawn loan from the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop, click here.


We Buy Items:

The Wooden Indian Pawn Shop buys items of value from our customers. If you need extra money, consider selling something of value to us. We buy a wide variety of used and pre-owned merchandise which we resell.  Items that we purchase include jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, coins, electronics, tools, vehicles, farm equipment, collectibles, musical instruments, flat screen televisions, landscaping equipment and antiques. To learn more about selling your items to the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop, click here.


Shop For Bargains:

Shopping at the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop can save you alot of money. We offer great prices on a wide variety of items that are in excellent condition. Because we have a 15,000 square foot complex that sits on 5 acres, we are able to inventory a vast array of items that are available for purchase at bargain rates. Our store features musical instruments, DVDs, hand tools, construction and electrical tools, unique collectibles, an outstanding assortment of fine jewelry, electronics, and much more. To learn more about shopping for fantastic deals at the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop, click here.


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