The Wooden Indian Pawn Shop Staff

About Our Staff:

About the Staff at the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop 

The staff at the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop loves interacting with our customers. We consider our customers family and always enjoy seeing our regular clients year after year. Get to know more about our family by reading about our staff below and then visit our staff to meet us. 

 Bruce is the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop Founder and Owner

Bruce: Store Founder and Owner

Bruce founded the Wooden Indian Pawn Shop about 20 years ago and plans on owning the store until he retires. He is very approachable and is what you call a "Good Ol Boy".  Click here to contact Bruce >>>


The Wooden Indian Pawn Shop Store Manager, Char 

Char: Pawn Loan Expert and Store Manager

Char is the store manager and is also a GIA trained jeweler. She can answer almost any question you have about pawn loans, selling items to our store or the merchandise we have for sale. Click here to contact Char >>>

Glory, Jewelry Expert


Glory: Professionally Trained Jeweler

Glory cleans, repairs, appraises jewelery and grades gemstones. She was professionally trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which is the world's foremost authority in gemology, diamond grading, jewelry education, and gemology research. Click here to contact Glory >>>


 Paul is the electronics and technology expert at the Wooden Idian Pawn Shop 

Paul: Electronics and Technology Expert 

Paul is our electronics and technology expert. When it comes to televisions, computers, iPods, digital cameras, and video cameras, Paul is the man. Click here to contact Paul >>>

 Steve is our Product Maintenance Supervisor


Steve: Product Maintenance Supervisor

Steve manages quality control for all the merchandise we sell. As our merchandise manager, he makes sure that the items you by are in good working order and are high quality.



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Char Glory - Jewelry Expert Paul - Technology Expert Steve - Product Maintenance Manager